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About us

FUUFEE was created for my beloved Bella. Back in 2017, when she was just a 10-week old puppy, inside and outside life wasn’t so simple.  Puppy tried to learn how to live with us and we tried to learn to live with her.


At first, I planned to organize her life in the garden. I bought a playpen and a kennel. Guess what happened! Bella didn't go in there even once! She wanted to spend time with us. She followed us all the time :) She didn't want to sleep outside - she wanted to be with us even at night. And the truth is - so do we.


I began searching for the perfect bed for her - big, elegant and matching our interior. One that was supportive to her joints and muscles. One that made her sigh in contentment at the end of the day. I love how cute and comfortable she is when she props her head up on the couch arm so I wanted to make sure all these things were included in the design process.


In the next step, I thought why not take care of myself and a space for my family. So that was my turning point. I just wanted to make my beloved husband, children and my dog love our home inside and out. And now I am at such a time of my life that I want to help you make your home&outdoor everything you want and need to be. And I am the happiest when I see you relaxed in your own space you won't want to leave.