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Die Kunst der Namensgebung: Wie man den perfekten Namen für Ihren 2024 geborenen Welpen wählt

What names to give to dogs born in 2024?

What names to give to dogs born in 2024?

One of the most important things to do when you are the future or the freshly new owner of a puppy is to choose his future name !

The name of your future puppy will be decisive in the communication between you and your dog, it also determines your dog’s identity, so this choice has to be taken seriously !

But how can you choose the name of your future puppy ? What are the things to avoid ?

First of all, your dog needs to retain his name from its early age : that’s important for training and to ease the communication between you and your animal.

You have to choose a name that won’t change often, the puppy would be lost and won’t retain it easily otherwise. Make sure to give it a rather short name that will be easy to memorize : you have the possibility to give nicknames, but it doesn’t mean that the actual name has to be too long ! A short, two-syllable name is recommended.

You also have to give a name that sounds nice and friendly for your puppy : you definitely shouldn’t consider giving your dog a name with a bad connotation, that sounds ridiculous, vulgar, pejorative and so on. In the same way you would be careful with your child’s name, you have to be cautious when it comes to naming your puppy !

Make sure to give a name that is clearly distinguished from the words that you will use to give orders, so your dog won’t assimilate its name to an order or get confused. In the same way, you have to make sure your dog won’t assimilate the fact of calling it by its name with the fact of being reprimanded or with something bad : always say its name in a calm, neutral tone, and don’t reprimand him or scold him in a harsh way by saying it !

The puppy parent is totally free to choose the name of its dog according to its personality, its race, its color, its origin, or simply in reference to something you like ! However, make some research before deciding and try to give your puppy a name that fits it : calling your black puppy “Snowball” or naming your dog from a homey breed “Flashlight”, even in the name of irony, doesn’t necessarily look like the best choice !

Now that we have some information, what names can we give to a puppy ?

That’s not an easy question, because it depends on the owner’s personality, his interests and on the puppy itself !

According to the International Dog Name Survey, popular dog names for 2024 include Sparky, Casey, Mabel, Duke, Sally or River.

Food and drink names are also currently trendy, so you may encounter many Mocha, Coconut or Gnocchi !

Now it's up to you to name your future companion !